In 1921, Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson opened the first fast-food hamburger establishment, White Castle, in Wichita, Kansas. Their main offering was a small 5-cent hamburger, which they encouraged customers to purchase “by the sack.”

What is a Hamburger??

A flat round cake of minced beef, fried or grilled and typically served in a bread roll garnished with various condiments – Definition from Google.

A type of food which contains a juicy patty, lettuce, cheese and amazing sauces with some oregano inside rap in two fluffy buns serve with golden fries – Definition for us.

Hamburger is derived from Hamburg, the second-largest city of Germany. There have been many claims about the origin of the hamburger but remains unclear. Some said it was found in Texas, some said it was found in LA and there are many more claims.

Hamburger over the years has many variations and changes. Different countries have welcome hamburgers in a unique way. From 1921, after the establishment of the first fast-food hamburger chain many more joints and ventures started over the years.

Let’s have a quick go through on them:

1925: The cheese Hamburger

1931: Wimpy

1934: A New Tang

1935: Cheeseburger?

1937: The Big Boy

1948: McDonald’s

1955: Ray Kroc

1969: Wendy’s

And many more……..

Above mentioned joints are the most famous joints in the world where people come and love to enjoy hamburgers.



Many historians believe the bread came into the picture on the Hamburg America Line, which was a shipping company operating out of Hamburg Germany.


It is usually made up of beef or red meat with added spices into it. A crispy patty is a keyhole of the ham without it ham is incomplete.


Hamburgers are sold between the two slices of the traditional bread called Buns. Buns give wings to ham and from then the sky is the limit for Hamburgers.

Fast forward through the ensuing fast-food phenomenon and Americans in the 21st century eat more than 40 billion hamburgers each year. Few foods represent Americana as hamburgers do. In many ways, that is an appropriate perception as the food itself symbolizes the industrial process, the fast-paced life, development of franchises, and efficiency in production that have been characteristic of the United States rise to power. Hamburgers are not only popular in fast food restaurants but even as some fast-food chains have somewhat suffered in reputation over the years, the hamburger itself has not suffered and continues to be popularly made.

We are eating a lot of hams day by day as the culture grew so fast after the evolution of the hamburgers. Hamburgers are the most popular food in the west as well as in the east. People try to make different combinations of hamburgers which made hamburgers – A Never-ending option for anyone.